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Welcome on the homepage of the boat MS Goldstück

We  still startet with cruises - in the moment roundcruise and some day-cruise (please check the timetable).

All people, (guests and stuff), have to wear a mouth-nose-guard (except at the seats) - if you do not have your own, you can buy one aboard. 

Changes in the timetable are possible - please consider the notices on the homepage and the landing stages.

Because of the distance rules (1.5 m between the guests) also when entry and exit the boat, cruise-times could change.


With the boat "MS Goldstueck" on the Moselle and to the river Rhine

We would be glad to welcome you on board the MS Goldstück to a boat-cruise from Alken on river Moselle and in summertime also to river Rhine.

The cruises start from May up to the end of October and also some cruises in December.

You see the landscape and hear explanations aboat the Moselle and the wine-villages - (in German and on request also in English and Dutch. (not during music-cruises)

Enjoy the Moselle and the Rhine by ship.

On the boat we offer warm and cold drinks.

We also offer cruises for your events for example special cruises for companies, christmas-time-trips, birthday-cruises and and and.

We depart from the following Mosel and Rhine villages:

  • Alken
  • Brodenbach
  • Löf
  • Oberfell

dpending on the cruise additionally:

  • Burgen, Hatzenport, Cochem (Cruise to Cochem)
  • Kobern, Winningen, Koblenz (Cruise to Koblenz)

You have questions?

Please call us:
Tel.: 0049 26 25 - 95 817 96
Mobil: 0049 1 71 - 9 95 97 54
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Markus Reifferscheid and Silvia Pietsch and the crew of MS Goldstück

Our next departure:

Sun Jul 05 @09:45Uhr
Great roundcruise - Sunday Morning (2 hours)
Tue Jul 07 @09:00Uhr
Daytrip to Cochem (Di)
Wed Jul 08 @08:45Uhr
Cruise to Koblenz and return
Thu Jul 09 @09:00Uhr
Daytrip to Cochem (Do)
Sat Jul 11 @09:00Uhr
Daytrip to Cochem (Sa)